Recent press about the book

Asian Journal Social Science

Sangita's book on Bollywood Dance is reviewed by the Asian Journal of Social Science. Read the review!

tanecizona magazine logo

Prominent Czech dance magazine writes about and interviews Sangita

Times of India

Times of India references Sangita and her book about Bollywood dance.

marie claire india dec 2011

“Media artist Sangita Shresthova delves into the world of Bollywood moves to unwrap their appeal.” (S. Guha, Marie Claire, December 2011)

India's leading newspaper

“Well-researched study about what are generally relegated as item numbers….Describing Bollywood dance, as it is practised today, as a unique film-based global dance phenomenon, the author takes the reader to locations around the world, such as Mumbai, Kathmandu, and Los Angeles.” (D. Murali, The Hindu, December 9, 2011)

Nepali Times

“It is probably Sangita's cosmopolitan upbringing and academic rigour that makes such a deeper understanding of this genre possible. As Bollywood is Hollywood-ised and sheds dance sequences, Sangita's book ensures that the musical interludes we still get to see in Bollywood cinema will never be the same again.” (Kunda Dixit, Nepali Times, November 4, 2011)

Dancing Times Feb 2012

“Bollywood dance, which now have worldwide currency, has thus far not been written about seriously. However, this worthy and well researched book is a step in the right direction.” (Reginald Massey, Dancing Times (UK), February 2012)

The Sunday Indian review

“The book, which zigzags through India, Nepal, the United States, is a fine blend of in depth research, humour, and astute cultural sensitivity...Is It All About Hips? has a lot more to say besides hip movements and pelvic thrusts..” (Priya Kanungo, The Sunday Indian, December 7, 2011)

Mail Today Delhi, India

“This gem of a book takes us through a journey of Bollywood hip thursts and gyrations in a wonderfully researched reclamation of our wicked past.” (Charu Soni, Mail Today (Delhi), November 27, 2011)

The Pioneer, Delhi, India

“You embark on upon this journey at a live performance in London, and travel with the author discovering how this unique dance form has united peoples and cultures far and wide.” ( The Pioneer (New Delhi), November 20, 2011)

TimeOut, Bengalaru, India

“Sangita Shresthova’s book studies Bollywood dance in lesser-seen places.” (Suhani Singh, Time Out – Bengaluru, January 14, 2012)

Henry Jenkins Blog

Henry Jenkins interviews Sangita about her book.

Nepali Times

Nepali Times interviews Sangita about her book.

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